Admissions Hotline: +65 6505 9790

Below you will find links to our Application Form as well as additional forms that your Admissions Manager may ask you to complete as part of your child's application. If you need any assistance at all throughout the application process, please reach out to our team via or +65 6505 9790.

Application Form

The form below should be completed for each child.  If you have any questions or need support, please contact our Admissions Team via 

A number of other pieces of information need to be submitted with your child's application.  These are listed at the back of the Application Form. 

Your child's application will be processed once received, and as soon as the Application Fee has been paid. 

Download the Application Form here. 

Student Reference Form

To the support our understanding of your child's abilities, please download the relevant form below and ask your child's current teacher (if applicable) to complete it. 

The completed form should be returned direct to the Brighton College (Singapore) Admissions Team via 

Pre-Nursery - Reception

Year 1 & Year 2

Year 3 - Year 6

Employee Letter of Gurantee

If your employer is paying part or all of your child's school fees, they are required to complete the below form and return it to the Brighton College (Singapore) Admissions Team via as part of the Application process. 

Letter of Guarantee