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  • Assessment Criteria

We are an academically selective school; however, we do not select on academic ability alone.

We seek to enrol pupils who will make the most of the opportunities and challenges that will lie ahead of them and who will, in turn, contribute to and enrich the Brighton College community.

Our assessment processes have been put in place to ensure that Brighton College (Singapore) is the best school for each child we enrol and that it will be a place where they will be happy and thrive.

Standard application processes will apply, which includes the submission of current school reports (where available).  Please click below to learn more. 

Academic assessment

The assessment process for admissions to the College is based on a variety of factors, which depending on the age of the child may include school transcripts, records, testing and other evaluative procedures.

Children already residing in Singapore will be invited to an informal familiarisation and assessment meeting at the College.

Older children (for entry into Year 1 and above) will also be required to undertake basic testing in English and Maths to ensure that they will be able to thrive in our academic environment. 

Your Admissions Manager will be able to guide you through this process once a formal application has begun.

English Language Assessment

We do not offer a separate EAL programme for non-native English speakers.

Non-native English speakers may be required to undertake a supplementary language proficiency assessment. This assessment determines the ease with which the College curriculum can be accessed, based on a child’s point of entry in their respective academic year group.

Pre-Nursery Timetable

brighton pre-nursery timetable

Please click through to the relevant links below to take a look at what a typical day consists of for all our year levels.

brighton pre-nursery timetable brighton nursery timetable brighton reception timetable
brighton year 1 timetable brighton year 2 timetable brighton year 3 and 4 timetable brighton year 5 and 6 timetable



brighton pre-nursery timetablebrighton nursery timetablebrighton reception timetable
brighton year 1 timetablebrighton year 2 timetablebrighton year 3 and 4 timetablebrighton year 5 and 6 timetable